Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Handmake Marketing - The Ad Directory

I recently joined The Ad Directory which was created by Tara over at KMT Graphic Design. Tara
wanted to sell ad space on her blog but didn't like the idea of having to pay someone else to create ad space for her when she could so easily do it herself! So she started selling her own ad space and spreading the word about the idea. So many bloggers liked the idea, that the Ad Directory was born!

Tara wants to encourage and empower Etsy sellers and bloggers to take control of their online businesses. "We are business owners, and we need to be smart about how we market our products and monetize our websites and blogs!"

I am currently selling Ad Space on my blog for the special introductory price of only $1 a month!
If anyone is interested please email me and I will hook you up. You can see example of ads on the left hand side bar of my blog.
If you would like to be added to the Ad Directory, email Tara at:

And for more information about the Ad Directory check out this article:

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