Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Anyone for Tennis?

In celebration of Wimbledon this week here are my Etsy Tennis finds:
Vintage Adidas Tennis Skirt by ancoravintage
Im so in love with this skirt I think I would play lots more tennis if I had it!
Tennis Tank Top by Jalvo
Perfect for the girl who wants custom tennis clothes.
Tennis Shoes by choopieblu222
Fun for the tennis court and the street!
Sunglass visor with Tennis rackets by Debbie Wendell
Your Glasses slide on to the elastic loops. Genius!
Tennis Rackets Charm Necklace by charms4you
This necklace instantly makes me think summer - so cute!
Tennis Balls Dog Collar by WhinnyandWoof
What dog doesn't love tennis balls?
Tennis Star Earrings by kimazier
These adorable tennis player earrings measure approx 2 1/2 inches tall and are perfect for those super fans!
Pink Tennis Ball Hair Band by EvilRabbit I love how evil rabbit models her hairbands on her dog - you will have to check out her shop to see what I mean!
Ceramic Tennis Ball Piggy Bank by thepigpen
Your tennis player is sure to love this piggy bank!
Dashing Tennis Lady Purse by Rachelwhelton
Maybe you could stash a few tennis balls in there or more importantly your lip gloss?
Gotta look good while your on the court ; )
Shy violet project - Wimbledon Hat by kankalinhats
This fascinator/hatling is totally adorable but not one for the wallflowers!

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  1. Lots of tennis going on here! I love the pouch :)