Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Etsy Carnival Finds

The New Jersey State Fair at the Meadowlands just opened last week, it advertises itself as New Jersey's Most GI-Normous Event and looks like tons of fun I plan to check it out this week.

In celebration of all things fair and carnival-esque here are my top Etsy carnival finds.
For more info on the State Fair at Giants Stadium check out: 

Zipper Carnival Ride 5x5 Fine Art Photo by friendlymade http://friendlymade.etsy.com/
Carnival token and key necklace by bethingels1 http://bethingels1.etsy.com
The necklace measures 16"s long and has a vintage carnival token that reads "Loaned for amusement only".
State Fair Pretzel Necklace by loveyourbling http://loveyourbling.etsy.com
This tasty miniature pretzel can be worn salted or unsalted.
Owl Girl Victorian Sideshow Freak by cosmicfirefly http://cosmicfirefly.etsy.com
Half Girl/Half Owl Pendant Necklace
Summer Days - Ferris Wheel - Pillow Cover by olive http://olive.etsy.com
Ferris Wheel Keychain by pinktophat http://pinktophat.etsy.com
Cotton Candy Earrings by winningwreath http://winningwreath.etsy.com
Just think how much fun it would be to wear these earrings to your next state fair or local carnival!
Coney Island Parachute Jump, screenprinted necktie by toybreaker http://toybreaker.etsy.com
Now a registered landmark, The Coney Island Parachute Jump (a.k.a. "The Eiffel Tower on Brooklyn") was originally built for the 1939 New York World's Fair.
Caloub the Circus Panda by talkproof http://talkproof.etsy.com
Caloub lives for the adrenaline rush, he swallows swords, plays with fire, and taunts lions. 
Greta Is Not Amused Brooch by marysgranddaughter http://marysgranddaughter.etsy.com
Greta the circus bear would prefer not to wear a hat and collar, but is willing to suffer through it.
Fabric Covered Button Ring, Little Pink Carousel Horse by creamrose http://creamrose.etsy.com
Carousel 3 20x24inch original oil painting by Rozart http://Rozart.etsy.com

I can't wait to get to the fair!


  1. OooOh.. the Pretzel necklace is so adorable. Nice necktie too! Thanks for sharing. :)

    PS: Congrats on your Etsy treasury!


  2. This necklace is really very nice .I am fond of wearing the necklace.I am planning to buy for my sister.Can I buy this online.Thanks for sharing the nice necklace design.