Friday, May 29, 2009

Feature on Christine's Crochet

So I've decided that as I sit back and wait for sales in my Etsy Shop I will start doing features on other Etsy sellers that could use a little promotion!
Today's feature is on Christine @ Christine's Crochet. Christine has been crafting for quite a while but has only recently got her Etsy shop up and running (like myself). Christine crochets all kinds of things she currently has super cute bags, hats and scarves for sale but will soon be expanding to household products. I would love to take one of her bags to the beach!
Here is some more info about Christine:

Where are you located?: Saco, Maine USA
Do you have a favorite item? I really love bags, especially big ones! That's why I love the large tote bags for everyday, and the beach bag whenever I need to carry something extra like beach stuff or laundry or even books. I love their nice, rich colors too!

Do you do your craft full-time? Technically, I'm a full time student at Gordon College( I just achieved Junior standing!) but for the summer I'm a full time crafter!
If you also have a "real" job, what do you do? Well, besides home work, I work at my school's library during the school year.
What's your favorite thing about owning your own business? I love the freedom of it. I get to create things that I love, all things that I myself would wear or use, and share that with other people. I don't have people hanging over me telling me that my way is the wrong way, because I'm the boss! : ) I also love sharing m
y designs with other people, before I opened my shop I only ever crocheted for myself or to give to people for presents, I never had a chance to share what I could do with people.
What's your least favorite thing about owning your own business? Keep track of everything, especially financially. I'm lucky enough to have people around me helping me, because I had no idea how to use a spread sheet! I'm generally not a very organized person, so having this business has really challenged my organizational skills.
What inspires you? All kinds of things! My designs are inspired by both modern fashion and the things I enjoy wearing myself, and a little bit of vintage style! I love 
antiques and old fashion things but I also love modern style, so I try to incorporate a little bit of each in my work. My colors are mostly inspired by nature. I love rich, earthy tones, anything color I feel I could find if I took a walk out in the woods!
Any advice for a crafter just starting out? Patience. It can be frustrating waiting for your shop to get noticed, but if you love what your doing, then just keep focusing on that. Make the best product you can and love that product and the sales will start coming eventually.
What do you love about Etsy? I love the fact that just about everything here is handmade! It's so unique, I know if I buy a present here, the person definitely won't be getting the same thing from someone else!
Here are some more ways you can contact Christine:
Facebook search Christine Madore
and of course Etsy!

Fathers Day Gift Guide

DAD Leather Tattoo Wallet by wasteoftalent13
100% Hand drawn, carved, dyed, and stitched with LOVE in Los Angeles by Waste of Talent!
What more to make dad happy:fishing, a naked chick, AND a new wallet!!
Ferrari 360 Daytona Authentic Office Chair by racechairs 
This authentic seat was removed from a Ferrari 360 track conversion car.
Billy- Large Bison Head - Brown by CJ8N
CJ8N describe this as the perfect companion for home or office.
Tough Guy Hand Salve by allthingsjill
Whether you're a welder, a mountain biker or a golfer, a little of this goes a long way to healing dry, cracked, Tough Guy hands!
We love you Daddy Sterling silver hand stamped money clip by underhercharms
Hand Engraved Folding Pocket Knife, Sunfish by DJReigel
Recycled Guinness Bottle Cap Fishing Lure by fatty's lures
Take your favorite beverage fishing with you!
Golf Dad Greeting Card by scrapaddict (
What Dad doesn't like golf?

Hope this helps anyone in need of inspiration : )

Summer Love

Just a quick note to say that Melissa @ Etsy NJ featured one of my wrap bracelets in her summer love anklets post.
Thanks Melissa!
Be sure to check out the post as there are some other v cute anklets in there : )
Heres the link
She also featured my black satin bow hair band in her fresh finds post.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Silk Ribbon Wrap Bracelet Giveaway***yep thats right its a giveaway!

Silk Ribbon Wrap Bracelets with Gold-plated Brass Beads and Toggle Giveaway!
So to kick things off here is my giveaway. Enter to win a FREE thats right 100% free bracelet just like the one in the picture. What's better than free? All you have to do is follow the instructions below:
  • Prize; Prize Value:  $15
  • How Many Winners: 1
  • End Date: 6/14
  • Can Be Won: US & Canada
  • Prize From: Venetia Jewelry
Giveaway rules: ♥ Visit my Etsy Shop, then leave a comment on this post of which item from Venetia Jewelry is your favorite ♥ For a second entry become a fan of Venetia Jewelry on Facebook ♥ For a 3rd entry follow VenetiaJewelry on Twitter ♥ Entries will be accepted now through Sunday, June 14th, 2009. ♥ The lucky winner will be notified by email.

Good luck!

Creative Grove

Found this on the Creative Grove website isn't is cute? I live in Jersey City and am thinking about signing up to be a vendor at the Creative Grove arts and crafts fair every Friday during the summer. Only problem is the hours are not totally working for me : ( Anyhoo if I decide to do it you guys will be the first to know!

For more info you can go to their website:

Welcome to my blog!

Hi All and Welcome : )
Im excited to share with you all my newest creations and keep you updated on what I am working on. You can currently find my jewelry and accessories at my Etsy shop
This is my first venture into blogging so forgive any novice mistakes I make!

I will be hosting a giveaway for one of my silk wrap bracelets in the near future - More to come soon!

Stay tuned