Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My First Treasury Feature!

One of my bracelets was featured in an Etsy treasury - catch it befor it disappears! http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=67893

Etsy Carnival Finds

The New Jersey State Fair at the Meadowlands just opened last week, it advertises itself as New Jersey's Most GI-Normous Event and looks like tons of fun I plan to check it out this week.

In celebration of all things fair and carnival-esque here are my top Etsy carnival finds.
For more info on the State Fair at Giants Stadium check out: 

Zipper Carnival Ride 5x5 Fine Art Photo by friendlymade http://friendlymade.etsy.com/
Carnival token and key necklace by bethingels1 http://bethingels1.etsy.com
The necklace measures 16"s long and has a vintage carnival token that reads "Loaned for amusement only".
State Fair Pretzel Necklace by loveyourbling http://loveyourbling.etsy.com
This tasty miniature pretzel can be worn salted or unsalted.
Owl Girl Victorian Sideshow Freak by cosmicfirefly http://cosmicfirefly.etsy.com
Half Girl/Half Owl Pendant Necklace
Summer Days - Ferris Wheel - Pillow Cover by olive http://olive.etsy.com
Ferris Wheel Keychain by pinktophat http://pinktophat.etsy.com
Cotton Candy Earrings by winningwreath http://winningwreath.etsy.com
Just think how much fun it would be to wear these earrings to your next state fair or local carnival!
Coney Island Parachute Jump, screenprinted necktie by toybreaker http://toybreaker.etsy.com
Now a registered landmark, The Coney Island Parachute Jump (a.k.a. "The Eiffel Tower on Brooklyn") was originally built for the 1939 New York World's Fair.
Caloub the Circus Panda by talkproof http://talkproof.etsy.com
Caloub lives for the adrenaline rush, he swallows swords, plays with fire, and taunts lions. 
Greta Is Not Amused Brooch by marysgranddaughter http://marysgranddaughter.etsy.com
Greta the circus bear would prefer not to wear a hat and collar, but is willing to suffer through it.
Fabric Covered Button Ring, Little Pink Carousel Horse by creamrose http://creamrose.etsy.com
Carousel 3 20x24inch original oil painting by Rozart http://Rozart.etsy.com

I can't wait to get to the fair!

Water Taxi Beach New Seaport Location

Water Taxi Beach has become a Long Island City feature but for summer 2009 they have added a new Manhattan location at the South Street Seaport. For people who have never experienced Water Taxi Beach or don't live in the NY area its basically a temporary man-made beach on the waterfront, so city dwellers can still experience a bit of summer beach life. Different events are held pretty much every night with live music, games and food and a spectacular view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River. I will definitely be stopping by over the summer!

See you at the Beach : )


Monday, June 29, 2009

Etsy seller feature TealStripes

Today's Etsy Seller feature is on Courtney from Palo Alto, California. Her Etsy shop name is TealStripes and she sells one-of-a-kind handmade books and pins!

Here are a few questions I asked her:

Where do your pins come from? 
They were part of my Dad's stamp collection but these are the copies of stamps that he doesn't want anymore! What a great way to own a piece of history!

How did you first get started making pins and notebooks? 
During my senior year in college, I took a bookbinding class and was immediately hooked. We mostly made artist books, but I wanted to also make blank books to sell. As for pins, I had the animal illustrations for the notebooks and wondered if I could paint them in color on canvas, and then turn it into a pin. The stamp pins use stamps from my Dad's collection, but of course I only use ones that he already has copies of.

Do you have a favorite item? 
Currently my favorite item is the "It's Just the Weather sketchbook," because almost every page has a printed illustration of weather, such as a sun, clouds and rain. I used gouache to add color to some of the pages as well. I know the printed drawings would inspire any buyer!

If you also have a "real" job, what do you do? 
I am not currently working, but I will be starting a teaching credential program this fall, so my "real" job will eventually be an art teacher. I want to teach painting.
Soon Wine Pin

Where do you find inspiration for your products? 
I sketch my ideas ahead of time and then when I want to make a book or plan out some pins, I look through my sketches. The stamp pins were inspired by the fact that I've had this large collection of stamps since I was in 5th grade (when my Dad gave the collection to me), and I've always wanted to make art with them, and thought pins would be a pretty cool idea. The colors and designs for the stamp pins relate to the stamps themselves.
The Kitty Says Notebook
What do you love about your business? 
I love that I can create something and spread it out into the world for others to enjoy! If my items bring a little bit of joy to someone's day, that makes me very happy.
Smell the Roses Pin
What makes you unique at Etsy? 
That I take the time to plan out books, which includes drawing, scanning, editing, and printing illustrations, rather than just creating blank books with different colored covers. That I also create things that I myself would enjoy and use.
Chloe the Giraffe Pin
Do you have any tips to share for crafters just starting out? 
Make sure you have a lot of items to sell on the get go. I first began with books only, but when I saw so many awesome products made by other Etsy sellers, I decided to let my shop evolve and include pins. That way I could expand my clientele and hopefully appeal to all sorts of people.
Another suggestion is to blog! You don't have to write everyday, but if you can share your world with other Etsy sellers, they might be more likely to share your shop with others. It also gets your shop out into the open.

One more thing: ask for critiques on the forums. Though you may not get a ton of helpful suggestions, it's always a good idea to allow someone else view your shop because there might be flaws that you cannot see.
Cat and Mouse Booklet
Courtney can be found at the below places:

Etsy shop : 
Artfire shope: 
Butterflies Journal

Make Your Photos All Vintagey

I've been having fun playing around with this Japanese website that converts your modern day photos into vintage looking snapshots.

The website's in Japanese to convert to English click "English" in the top right hand corner. And then simply upload the pic that you want to convert!


Feel free to post pics you've converted in the comments

Here are some of mine

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Etsy Treasure Hunt

Spend the Weekend at EGCG's Treasure Island!

This weekend Etsy Green and Clean Guild sellers have hidden treasure chests all over their island. Find one, and take advantage of that seller's special offer! Check out the list below for participating shops and the discount each shop is offering.

Rules -
1. Browse through each of the EGCG shops below and search for the image of the hidden treasure chest. Find it and receive the discount or special offered by that shop. (You can find the details of the shops special in their product listing and/or product title)

2. These specials are going to run from Friday, June 26 from 12:00 pm EST to Sunday, June 28 at 11:59pm midnight EST.

Extra Bonus Giveaway - For each purchase you make from one of the participating EGCG shops shown below, you will be given one entry into a drawing to win a $15 gift certificate to the participating shop of your choice. Winner will be drawn and announced on Monday June 29th.

See below for a list of participating Etsy Shops -


Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Giveaway!!!!

As the weather is finally starting to perk up a bit here is my new summer giveaway! Up for grabs this month is one of my new favourite bracelets - "The Sky Blue Amazonite Stretch Charm Bracelet with Vintage Starfish Charm"
Here is some info about the bracelet:
Inspired by the beauty of nature, this bracelet invokes the tranquility of a calm ocean. Pale azure blue amazonite is known as the "Hope Stone", and is believed to bring luck to whoever wears it. This amazonite bracelet looks elegant by itself or combined with coral, silver and gold jewelry. The gold plated Starfish charm is vintage and dates from the 1960s. 

Stretches to fit most wrists – if you think you need a bigger/smaller size please convo me I will happily make adjustments.
Bracelet is approx 7inches.

This semi-opaque blue-green gem stone is believed to be named after either the Amazon River or the Amazonian women warriors. It is also said to balance emotions, female and masculine energy and promote kindness.
 All you have to do to enter is follow the instructions below:
  • Prize: Sky Blue Amazonite Stretch Charm Bracelet with Vintage Starfish Charm
  • Prize Value:  $16.99
  • How Many Winners: 1
  • End Date: 07/10
  • Can Be Won: World Wide!
  • Prize From: Venetia Jewelry
Giveaway rules: ♥ Visit my Etsy Shop www.VenetiaJewelry.etsy.com, then leave a comment on this post of which item from Venetia Jewelry is your favorite ♥ For a second entry become a fan of Venetia Jewelry on Facebook ♥ For a 3rd entry follow VenetiaJewelry on Twitter ♥  For a 4th entry follow my blog ♥
Entries will be accepted now through FridayJuly 10th, 2009. ♥ The lucky winner will be notified by email.

Good luck!

Pretty Paper DIY Soap

I saw these pretty paper wrapped soaps over at wedding bee but these would make great hostess gifts aswell. I can't wait to try them!

For directions click here:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cafe Handmade

For the next two weeks my jewelry is being featured on café handmade as part of the virtual craft show.

Visit my booth here:


For any crafters who want to advertise on café handmade follow this link: 

DIY Photo Coffee Sleeve

I rencently came across this post on the object project a new favorite blog of mine. Father's Day may have passed but this would still make a fun DIY project for all you coffee drinkers out there who want to add a personalized touch!

What you'll need...

About a 16" square piece of corduroy and fusible fleece, a small square of clear plastic (a piece from a heavy duty freezer bag is fine), a 3" strip of velcro, scissors, pen

For the full tutorial click here:  

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Anyone for Tennis?

In celebration of Wimbledon this week here are my Etsy Tennis finds:
Vintage Adidas Tennis Skirt by ancoravintage www.ancoravintage.etsy.com
Im so in love with this skirt I think I would play lots more tennis if I had it!
Tennis Tank Top by Jalvo  www.jalvo.etsy.com
Perfect for the girl who wants custom tennis clothes.
Tennis Shoes by choopieblu222  www.choopieblu222.etsy.com
Fun for the tennis court and the street!
Sunglass visor with Tennis rackets by Debbie Wendell www.debbiewendell.etsy.com
Your Glasses slide on to the elastic loops. Genius!
Tennis Rackets Charm Necklace by charms4you  www.charms4you.etsy.com
This necklace instantly makes me think summer - so cute!
Tennis Balls Dog Collar by WhinnyandWoof  www.WhinnyandWoof.etsy.com
What dog doesn't love tennis balls?
Tennis Star Earrings by kimazier www.kimazier.etsy.com
These adorable tennis player earrings measure approx 2 1/2 inches tall and are perfect for those super fans!
Pink Tennis Ball Hair Band by EvilRabbit www.EvilRabbit.etsy.com. I love how evil rabbit models her hairbands on her dog - you will have to check out her shop to see what I mean!
Ceramic Tennis Ball Piggy Bank by thepigpen www.thepigpen.etsy.com
Your tennis player is sure to love this piggy bank!
Dashing Tennis Lady Purse by Rachelwhelton www.Rachelwhelton.etsy.com
Maybe you could stash a few tennis balls in there or more importantly your lip gloss?
Gotta look good while your on the court ; )
Shy violet project - Wimbledon Hat by kankalinhats www.kankalinhats.etsy.com
This fascinator/hatling is totally adorable but not one for the wallflowers!

Handmake Marketing - The Ad Directory

I recently joined The Ad Directory which was created by Tara over at KMT Graphic Design. Tara
wanted to sell ad space on her blog but didn't like the idea of having to pay someone else to create ad space for her when she could so easily do it herself! So she started selling her own ad space and spreading the word about the idea. So many bloggers liked the idea, that the Ad Directory was born!

Tara wants to encourage and empower Etsy sellers and bloggers to take control of their online businesses. "We are business owners, and we need to be smart about how we market our products and monetize our websites and blogs!"

I am currently selling Ad Space on my blog for the special introductory price of only $1 a month!
If anyone is interested please email me and I will hook you up. You can see example of ads on the left hand side bar of my blog.
If you would like to be added to the Ad Directory, email Tara at: tshenson19@hotmail.com

And for more information about the Ad Directory check out this article: http://kmtgraphicdesign.blogspot.com/2009/06/faq-about-ad-directory.html

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Etsy seller feature tpursell @ Grand Prairie Woodworks

Today's Etsy Seller Feature is on Tim Pursell of Grand Prairie Woodworks which has some of the best quality woodworking on Etsy. Tim was born and raised in Illinois and currently lives in Homewood, IL just 8 miles from where he was born. He is semi retired from his previous job as an auto mechanic and now spends most of his time woodworking and fishing.

Tim grew up in the Roseland area of Chicago where there were many early 20th century "Chicago Style" Bungalows. The woodwork and stained glass common in these homes drew his interest and over the years Tim put together a large collection of books, magazines, photos and other printed material about the related designs associated with the Arts and Crafts, movement which he still uses for inspiration.

Tim's favorite items he has created are the Queen bed he built & the Arts and Crafts style floor lamp. Of the items currently on Etsy, the Beverly Deluxe cutting board is his favorite piece.

There are many things Tim love's about what he does. First is the design process. He tries to incorporate the Arts and Crafts philosophy of simple honest construction but with a lighter, more modern touch, and applies these principals to his work. Tim loves the challenge of pushing the envelope, trying new techniques and achieving the high level of quality he strives for. His biggest satifaction is that all the things he makes are meant to be used & loved.

The Beverly Deluxe cutting board

Tim's Tips for Crafters:
#1 Keep your day job! Very few are charging enough for their work. It's hard to do so. Too many people look at things in the stores and expect your prices to be like the stuff brought to us in shipping containers from someplace that think $1 a day in wages is making the big time.
#2 Do something you REALLY love. No sense working yourself to the bone doing something less than fun. That's what your day job is for.
#3 Develop your skills. Improve your equipment. Find the best suppliers. Just because you build wonderful items that take 3 weeks to build and cost you $400 in material does not mean you can charge 120 hours of labor and $800 in material plus profit for them. Not if the next guy can make the same thing in 5 hours & $100 in material to sell it for a profit at one tenth your price.
This photo is Tim's Grandfather in his wood shop circa 1920 in a small town is SW Iowa called Shenandoah.
This Bed is made from quarter sawn white oak with a fumed oak finish and features 66 square spindles and required 148 mortise and tenon joints.

The Buffet is the first big piece of real furniture Tim built.
This blue/white shaded lamp is in antique finished cherry with 104 hand cut (by Tim) pieces of glass in the shade.
The 3 matching lamps  and table are part of a set  in qswo featuring custom stained glass by Tim.
Tim can be contacted at the below:

Etsy shop: www.tpursell.etsy.com
1000 markets shop: 
http://www.chitown-angler.com (He's known as Big Tim)