Monday, October 12, 2009

Spa Day Etsy Finds

Fall is the time of year when I revert to my at home spa treaments. In the summer the sun gives my skin a nice glow but as the days get colder I find my skin getting dryer and my complexion looking duller and we cant have that! Oh no!

I will post a few of my at home spa solutions in the coming weeks but in the mean time here are my top Etsy Spa Finds. So when its cold outside invite your girlfriends round and enjoy a relaxing spa day

Turkish Bath Towel...PESHTEMAL by Turkish Bath

Therapeutic Neck and Shoulder Wrap Flaxseed and Rice Lavender Scented by Comfy Creations

Aromatherapy Candle - New Organic Bergamot and coriander with essential oils by Lil Sprout

Foot Gunk No. 1 - deodorizing foot scrub by Sugar Chills

Beautiful Bath Tea by monamiga

Red Currant Luxury Bubble Bath by Bubble Tub

Lime Margarita Dead Sea Salt Cold Process Handmade Soap Bar by Lippincott Soap Co

Gudonya Whipped Clean Foaming Body Wash in Citrus Blast by Gudonya Too

Luxuria Silk Sleep Mask by Doodle Bugs Fun Fabrics

Tangerine Felt Flower Woven Spa Slippers by The Blooming South

Organic Spa Facial Kit - Cleanser, Steam, Masque, Spritz, Serum, Moisturizer by Spa Goddess


  1. Ah, spa days! Sound lovely. I like your lime maragarita soap and spa shoes picks.