Thursday, July 30, 2009

Releasing Henry

A few months ago my boyfriend found a turtle (eastern painter) in his parents driveway. It was a tiny thing (the size of a quarter) and we couldn't figure out how it got all the way over there as it was so far from any water. We took it home and bought it a tank and made a nice set up for it but for the first week we had him he wouldn't eat and didn't even move around much. After some nursing back to health he developed a voracious appetite and doubled in size  and became so lively.  I used to put him on the floor and watch him run around like crazy trying not to lose him behind the sofa! I named him Henry for some reason : )

 After a few months I figured that we should probably release him back "into the wild" so he could have a normal turtle life so we took him to a nice quiet pond where lots of turtles hang out and set him free! He was a bit unsure at first but soon scampered into the water. I like to think that he now has a turtle family but I do really miss him!
I took some pictures to commemorate the occasion:

Has anyone else rescued an animal that ended up becoming a pet?

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  1. I love these pictures. They are very well clicked. I can see through you had fun during this trip. No I haven't got the chance to rescue an animal. I really appreciate your work. Thanks for such lovely pictures.