Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Etsy Seller Feature Sneal Made

Moss Treasure Bowl
Today's Etsy seller feature is on Shani Neal from SNEAL Made who makes wonderful handknit felted wool creations. Among other things Shani makes gorgeous purses, scarves, brooches and bowls. She is located in Pittsburgh, PA.
Midnight Felted Clutch
She first learned to knit as a little girl from her mother but upon deciding that it was not a cool hobby she promptly stopped knitting and forgot everything! It wasn't until she was pregnant with her son and wanted to knit a blanket for him that she relearned from videos and books.
Four Petals Brooch
Shani's words of wisdom: "I think you should follow your bliss. Do what makes you happy. When you have passion for what you do it feeds your soul and it shows in what you do."
Forget Me Not Mini Messenger Bag
Shani is a stay at hom mom and after taking care of her son the rest of her time is spent crafting and she says she is "all consumed with creating".

Shani loves being able to make her own schedule, working around weather and important events, working late at night when I can't sleep, or during the day while her son naps. I

Her favorite product of the moment are the clutches she makes and designs.

What makes Shani unique at Etsy is her designs and use of color. "There are others that make similar items but they don't seem to have as much fun with color as I do".
Berry Branch Clutch
Here are Shani's knitting/felting tips:
Well it has been a long road of trial and error finding what wools work best for both felted knits and needle felting. Don't be afraid to try new wools if and when one type does not work out. They all come out so differently. And be sure to have fun. Try not to get frustrated. Lessons are learned from mistakes.

Shani can be found at the below places:

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  1. Boy she does some beautiful work. Thanks for sharing it with us. Peggy D.