Thursday, September 3, 2009

Etsy Seller Feature Pink Racoon

Today's Etsy Seller Feature is on Katharina Rettig from Pink Racoon, who makes super cute bags and purses. I'm totally in love with her Little Red Riding Hood Ipod case and Dachshund pencil case! Katharina is located in MÃnchengladbach, Germany.

How did you get started in making handbags?
I started sewing a few years ago, mostly felt plushies, small monsters and a lobster, who is called Hummer (the German word for lobster), he still lives on my desk and watches me sewing. As I am addicted to handbags, it was only natural I tried to sew bags and pouches. I searched the internet for simple instructions, self taught me how to sew bags and later made my own pattern. Most bags were gifts for friends and members of my family, but people kept telling me I could also sell them - that's when I started pinkracoon.
Little Red Riding Hood Ipod Case

Do you do your craft full-time? 
I'm a student, but I sew whenever I can.

Where do you find inspiration for your products? 
I read tons of blogs everyday, which are very inspiring. They are not only about sewing but also about graphic design, illustrations, photography or home decor. I love reading about creative people and their work. When I have an idea for a bag, I usually start making sketches and then choose fabrics I want to use, but I also often find some nice fabrics first and then think of what I could make with them. Beautiful fabrics are a great inspiration!
Grey Scottie Pouch

What do you love about your business? 
I love selling at etsy because it is so personal. When I sew a pouch or a bag and someone likes it and hearts or even buys my item, it always makes my day. It's great to communicate with the buyer and making someone happy with somthing I created.
Dachshund Pencil Case
What is your favorite product right now? 
Somehow, my favorites are always the latest items I designed. At the moment, I like the dachshund pencil cases, especially the grey one. I love the grey fabric, which I also used for a lot of my other pouches. It is so soft I'd like to stroke it all day. Perhaps I should make another lobster with the grey fabric!
Black Cat Coin Purse

What makes you unique at Etsy? 
I think my bags are unique because they are fun, colorful and cute. You might call them childish, but that's just what I am. I would never make a bag that I don't like, just because some people would buy it. My shop is small but personal and I think it's very important that each buyer is happy with their purchase.

Do you have any tips for crafters starting out?

Take good pictures! That's the best tip I can give you. There are so many great crafters on etsy who sell wonderful items but have blurry or dark pictures which don't make the item look as good as in reality.
Toby the Monster Pouch

Kathi can be found at the below:

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