Friday, September 18, 2009

DIY Tee-cycling

Lately I've been trying to get very creative with my clothes. Fall is here and I'm dying for a new wardrobe but money is tight so I'm recycling and re-inventing my old clothes. Having cleared out my closet the other week I found a few items that I wouldn't wear again due to holes and what not but that I still basically liked so I cut them up and stuck them on other clothes to see how they looked. Why not?

This tshirt was my first attempt. I took and old tank top that had a cool design on the front and carefully cut it off and attached it to a plain grey tee to give it a fancy bib necklace kind of style. I just used fabric glue as I have yet to aquaint myself with a sewing machine (fingers crossed I'm getting one for Xmas). It assures me on the bottle that I am able to wash this without it falling off - we shall see!

New and updated for Fall '09!

Next week I will be showing how to inject some glamour into an old sweatshirt...stay stuned!


  1. This is really nice. I too have been trying to come up with ways to upcycle some old clothes. I'm not the best sewer, though, so this will probably mean painting some jeans and tee shirts. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  2. Hi Renee it was super simple all i did was cut the embroidered neckline off the tank top and use fabric glue to attach it to an old h&m tee

  3. thanks tote trove! yeah i have been trying to come up with ways to reinvent clothes - im not a sewer either but its fun playing around with clothes