Friday, May 29, 2009

Fathers Day Gift Guide

DAD Leather Tattoo Wallet by wasteoftalent13
100% Hand drawn, carved, dyed, and stitched with LOVE in Los Angeles by Waste of Talent!
What more to make dad happy:fishing, a naked chick, AND a new wallet!!
Ferrari 360 Daytona Authentic Office Chair by racechairs 
This authentic seat was removed from a Ferrari 360 track conversion car.
Billy- Large Bison Head - Brown by CJ8N
CJ8N describe this as the perfect companion for home or office.
Tough Guy Hand Salve by allthingsjill
Whether you're a welder, a mountain biker or a golfer, a little of this goes a long way to healing dry, cracked, Tough Guy hands!
We love you Daddy Sterling silver hand stamped money clip by underhercharms
Hand Engraved Folding Pocket Knife, Sunfish by DJReigel
Recycled Guinness Bottle Cap Fishing Lure by fatty's lures
Take your favorite beverage fishing with you!
Golf Dad Greeting Card by scrapaddict (
What Dad doesn't like golf?

Hope this helps anyone in need of inspiration : )

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